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Being Involved – We’d love it if you would sign up to our newsletters!

Between now and the Autumn, The Friends of Lucy’s Mill will be showing you all the options that could happen to the bridge – what they would involve and what they could cost, plus timescales etc.

We’d really like you to be involved.

You can do so through our social media (Facebook and Twitter) and you can add your comments to blog posts. We’d also like to give you the chance to give your thoughts in a more private way using our Contact page.

If you complete any of the questionnaires we post, those replies will of course be collated together so giving a ‘total’ response – from all of those who take part.

If you use Facebook or Twitter, your replies /thoughts will of course be public. We do have a policy to help us ‘remove’ offensive comments etc (if we get any – we hope not!), but if you want to reply to our newsletters with a more detailed way, please feel free to do so. These contributions will be put together and included (unattributed) in the reports we give to local and regional authorities about what you – residents of Stratford – would like to see happen to the bridge.

There will of course be events where anyone can come along – and for those who don’t or can’t access the internet, these occasions will be when they can have their say (or they can get hard copies of surveys etc at several town centre locations).

Sign up to our newsletter below and you’ll receive a monthly update on what’s going on:

There will be previews of events coming up and reports on what went on in the last few weeks

It will be your chance to take part in surveys

You’ll be able to give feedback on proposals put forward by The Friends of Lucy’s Mill Bridge and others – feedback in the way you want to provide it, not just the structure of a questionnaire.

So please do sign up! The newsletters will be monthly, and your details will remain completely private. If any other body asks to use your details – say to contact you so that you can take part in their surveying or consultation programme – we will pass on their invite but it will be entirely up to you as to whether you respond.

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