Lucy’s Mill Bridge Video 1

For our first video (and there will be more throughout the Summer) some wonderful young actors have filmed themselves on the bridge. They are here to tell you part of the story of Lucy’s Mill Bridge and give you ideas on how you can help.

As you may well have read in the Stratford Herald of 1st June 2017, we want to show you all the options, and that other people and communities have upgradedĀ  their local bridges.

We’d also like to find out more about when and why you use the bridge.

To do this, we will be sending out monthly newsletters – from June through to December – which will give you lots of ideas and background on what has happened so far, and what your support could help happen in the future. By ‘future’ we mean very soon as Lucy’s Mill Bridge isn’t a bridge for everyone …

Why Lucy’s Mill Bridge needs an upgrade explained by young people

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