Thousands of Paws!

000s and 000s of Paws – Can you help?

Take a trip down to the river and sit on one of the benches by Lucy’s Mill Bridge and you’ll soon see how many paws go up and down the steps every day. They can be little paws on short legs or the longest limbs of larger dogs, each accompanying their owner on a walk to exercise both human and hound.

It would be wonderful if you do have a dog and could send us a photo of them sitting or standing on the bridge. Firstly it will be more evidence of how many people use the bridge. Secondly, if your dog does struggle to go up and down the steps (because of little or elderly legs) a better bridge would help them. Thirdly – well a lot of people like dogs and a ‘wall’ of pictures will attract people to the Bridge’s web site and social media.

Please send your pictures to



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