Current Status of Friends of Lucy’s Mill Bridge Group

An initial working group has established the boundaries of the land around the bridge that is currently owned by the local authorities.The working group held an open meeting at the Town Hall on Wednesday 6 th November 2013 to seek the public’s views on the desirability of raising money for a feasibility study to definitively establish whether the existing footbridge could be upgraded or, failing that, whether a new bridge could be built on – or close to — the existing site.
Over 100 people attended the meeting and over 90% of them supported the idea of raising money for a feasibility study. Everyone attending the meeting was invited to become a member of the Friends of Lucy’s Mill Bridge and were asked if they would be willing to join the management committee.
The working group is exploring the mechanics of establishing FoLMB as an Unincorporated Charity, preparing detailed terms of reference for the planned feasibility study and exploring the best way to raise the necessary funds to commission the feasibility study.

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