Take a look at these numbers – what do you think?

100? (definitely no) – 500? (still a no) – 1000? (still no) – 2000? (we don’t know if this is accurate – so still no) – 5000? (this figure can’t be justified – so no) – the answer is … No??

How many Stratford and District Residents (and Visitors) – does it take saying ‘We cannot cross Lucy’s Mill Bridge’ for a decision to be made about making it accessible to everyone?

In this post, you’ll find three letters, two from Warwickshire County Council and one reply from us, the Friends of Lucy’s Mill Bridge. These letters may give you an idea about why that question hasn’t been answered (yet) or what the costs could be if some ‘dream plans’ were to come to fruition.

The Friends of Lucy’s Mill Bridge haven’t published anything for several months. We apologise if you were waiting for news but we’ve been waiting for responses to the work that we’ve done. (With SO much help from all sorts of people – from residents through to local councillors – we thank you all!)

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Warwickshire County Council Reports from 2006 and 2008

This is the work WCC did on looking at ‘solutions’ to putting ramps on Lucy’s Mill Bridge.
None of them worked – they needed land in private ownership (amongst other things) – what do you think?
The FOLMB Team
WCC Reports – 2 Reports in 1 pdf file with drawings

Making a decision about Lucy’s Mill Bridge

Making a decision about Lucy’s Mill Bridge – Here is ALL the evidence (LOTS OF IT NEW) – what do you think?

It’s a wonderful week here in Stratford. The River Festival will bring many  many visitors to our town. We have a riverside walk that is so beautiful, a  walk that goes down to Holy Trinity and then a few metres later takes   people into the basin below the weirs and to Lucy’s Mill Bridge. Just now,  these views are spectacular. The river is has many reed beds, and our swans, ducks and coots sail between them whilst people watch from the riverbank … and the bridge. Read more