The Story of Lucy’s Mill Bridge to Date

This is the story of Lucy’s Mill Bridge in Stratford upon Avon where William Shakespeare may well have crossed.

Its Victorian look became this Art Deco version we now all see.

Starting from the Bancroft is a wonderful walk it takes residents and visitors down our beautiful riverbank to Lucy’s Mill Bridge just down river from two weirs.

There could be something very new and special that makes the bridge a bridge for everyone instead of steep steps that many cannot use. Warwickshire County Council have stated that they would have to fund changes, but if the bridge were owned by another body, then there could other opportunities to find funding that WCC cannot access.

Please ask your County Councillor to find out who new owners of the bridge could be. Ask your District and Town Councillors to support this. It’s been too long waiting for funding to come for cycling and pedestrians projects which are combined.

We hope you enjoy the video.


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