Key Factors in Making a Decision about Lucy’s Mill Bridge Upgrade

Press Release from The Friends of Lucy’s Mill Bridge – The Evidence is all there – Key Factors in Making a Decision about Lucy’s Mill Bridge Upgrade

Dear Residents of Stratford – and in particular, our County Councillors and the Officers of WCC,

A month ago the Friends of Lucy’s Mill bridge published a video going through all the work done
(over the past six years) to show that making Lucy’s Mill Bridge a bridge for everyone would be of
real long term benefit – to everyone.

The video shows all the evidence and the facts that the bridge is used and shared by many many
people who cross on foot, together with cyclists who push their bikes across – but that it could
never connect to a cycling route directly into our town.

For many users, such as young families, the bridge is a struggle. For many users, those with any
sort of mobility issues, they can’t use the bridge and can’t easily access the Rec, Stratford’s biggest and best green space.

Thousands saw the video posted to Stratford’s Facebook Forum. A version was posted to YouTube
and that link sent just to the Elected members of our Town, District and County Council – and to
officers of all these parts of our local government. That was some 50 or so people and the video
has been watched over 250 times – so there is a very good chance the evidence has been seen.

The Friends don’t believe that anything has been ‘missed out’ – we’ve had no feedback pointing out any ‘omissions’.

This week has seen the publication of the Riverside consultation. Its a project which may well be
the key to the economic future of our Town, whatever can be done as and when funding can be
added to that already found, funding which isn’t though enough to cover the addition of ramps to
Lucy’s Mill Bridge.

The Riverside project will bring more visitors and opportunities for residents to enjoy the facilities
it will create. Lucy’s Mill Bridge though, is a key part of infrastructure that thousands and
thousands of people already enjoy – they’ve done so for many years and will continue to do so, for

WCC were charged with ownership and management of the bridge when councils were
reorganised in the 70s. They only have certain types of funding they can access and have said that
for the foreseeable future no funding for any work on Lucy’s Mill Bridge can be found, and that a
priority is to create and enhance more opportunities for cycling. If this takes 3, 5, 10 years to happen, then for 3, 5, 10 years tens of thousands of people will struggle or not be able to use a footbridge. Continue reading “Key Factors in Making a Decision about Lucy’s Mill Bridge Upgrade”

The Story of Lucy’s Mill Bridge to Date

This is the story of Lucy’s Mill Bridge in Stratford upon Avon where William Shakespeare may well have crossed.

Its Victorian look became this Art Deco version we now all see.

Starting from the Bancroft is a wonderful walk it takes residents and visitors down our beautiful riverbank to Lucy’s Mill Bridge just down river from two weirs.

There could be something very new and special that makes the bridge a bridge for everyone instead of steep steps that many cannot use. Warwickshire County Council have stated that they would have to fund changes, but if the bridge were owned by another body, then there could other opportunities to find funding that WCC cannot access.

Please ask your County Councillor to find out who new owners of the bridge could be. Ask your District and Town Councillors to support this. It’s been too long waiting for funding to come for cycling and pedestrians projects which are combined.

We hope you enjoy the video.


Copperleaf Feasibility Study

Copperleaf Feasibility Study regarding upgrading Lucy’s Mill Bridge

After seven months of work, by consultants from a company who do extremely detailed consultancy work on infrastructure decisions for some of the biggest UK companies, the Feasibility Report for ramps being added to Lucy’s Mill Bridge is now here. The Friends were given this work and are very grateful for this opportunity

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Take a look at these numbers – what do you think?

100? (definitely no) – 500? (still a no) – 1000? (still no) – 2000? (we don’t know if this is accurate – so still no) – 5000? (this figure can’t be justified – so no) – the answer is … No??

How many Stratford and District Residents (and Visitors) – does it take saying ‘We cannot cross Lucy’s Mill Bridge’ for a decision to be made about making it accessible to everyone?

In this post, you’ll find three letters, two from Warwickshire County Council and one reply from us, the Friends of Lucy’s Mill Bridge. These letters may give you an idea about why that question hasn’t been answered (yet) or what the costs could be if some ‘dream plans’ were to come to fruition.

The Friends of Lucy’s Mill Bridge haven’t published anything for several months. We apologise if you were waiting for news but we’ve been waiting for responses to the work that we’ve done. (With SO much help from all sorts of people – from residents through to local councillors – we thank you all!)

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