Questions and Answers

This is what you’ve said so far – and answers to questions you’ve had – what would you like to add, now you’ve seen all the evidence?

Over 2017 we did lots of public consultation. We had an online and paper questionnaire that people contributed to. We held an Open afternoon in the Town Hall where people could see seven presentations and give their thoughts and then the Stratford Facebook Forum very kindly promoted our posts and hundreds of people comment – and thousands look at them.

All this feedback is below plus the transcript of an interview we did for Welcombe Radio. In that interview two of our ‘expert friends’ answered many questions people have raised.

Online and hard copy surveying results pdfSurvey results excelsheet 

Online Surveys – Residents  – Visitors

The direct feedback from Facebook plus a summary of the engagement we generated

Open Day Feedback

A Radio Interview


Making a Decision about Lucy’s Mill Bridge

Top Professional Advice

Seeing the Wood for the Trees

Questions and Answers

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